Sunday, December 6, 2009

j for jury part 2, j for joke part 1
that is me last year same time before jury. After a night's work on pepper grinder and constant criticism from the faculty. working day and night trying to finish off the courses somehow.
This is me this time one week before the jury, with almost everything done not once but bout twice, with some sketches apart from assignment work and also most of the faculty has already seen my work this time. The scene is totally different. no matter who takes the jury its going to be almost similar. What more has changed is i can help people with the courses i faced problems with, yes we learn from mistakes. Jury is something everyone is scared of. when it is one week away people work, when the dates and panels are put up people work more and some crib. When juries are over everyone is happy. No, not because they did good but its off your head, the pressure is gone and yes you are in next semester. 5th sem is over for me(almost). what if they don't send me to next sem and ask me to repeat this semester again? Well its just a possibility. but somehow the probability of that possibility coming true is really low. so i can be happy. techno aesthetic detailing submission which was supposed to happen last week has been postponed yet more by one day minimum. when was the last time you wanned to give presentation and no one is ready to take it? I don't wanna complain so never mind. Rest is the same. working level has gone down as there is not much to do. So i sketch to kill time. It's not quite me but its true. big boss wont be that disappointed with me this time.

For fellow learners ill say, best of luck for your juries? work hard and wonders might happen.

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  1. best of luck for your juries?mom i miss you?

    haha yeahh SOME people crib a LOT....