Tuesday, August 18, 2009


When was the last time something inspired you? Something made you jump out of your seat and say am gonna do this. Something that gave a hint of what could/should be done.

It happened today. After watching a movie, suddenly things started hinting. This is a sign to do this. or that's a hint to do that. Yesterday heard this, "man is drowning, a boat comes he says no god will save me, another boat comes he says no god will save me. he dies and questions god, why didn't you save me? god says i sent 2 boats you didn't get in." that was a 5 yr old joking in the movie but it made sense like i said, too many things happen at same time hinting to same thing in short time? take the hint. This has been happening all the time but well ignored as usual.

Let's go back in time... First semester in Design. You learnt isometry drawing. you understood what the professor actually wanted you to learn from the course. Start looking things in isometric grid. grid lines following everywhere.. like the transparency level of the actual world is suddenly reduced to 10% and you see the grid that defines the structure of the object. Increasing confidence in yourself. You know you can do something great but don't know what. till you pick up a dead dragonfly on the way to hostel. On the way back you look at it you don't see the dragonfly the way you see it usually. it has no mass, its just a wire frame in isometric grid. You smile. You just been inspired to do something amazing that will be spoken of for days to come and the thing that will save you in your juries to come. Yes i Sketched a dragonfly in isometry. and then human hand too. could have made human face too but then perspective course happened. but all i did was follow a hint given to me and it saved me.

Recently got one concept from someone. the concept which i thought of when i was a kid. It came back to me through someone else as a suggestion. now is it a hint as at this point i can actually put it on paper and make it happen? is it time to do something that can save me? save many other things? must be. I took the hint. will be working on it.

Swine flu is around. i planned many a things for past 2 weeks but nothing happened. I was supposed to meet people but i don't see that happening either. Things are just not working out. are these signs too? but if they are then to what? i shouldn't be doing what i was planning to? you never know..

Inference: Inspiration plays important role in Design. Great inventors have got their inspirations from random things. Ball pen we use was made by a sculptor and the human arm led to design of anglepoise lamp. I read this in a book: Art of Creative Thinking by John Adair. So there are inspirations all around us, we just need to see. oh i saw "August Rush" trailer today that says same thing about music, wait is this a sign too?