Saturday, March 21, 2009


You are sitting in from of your laptop thinking that the entire day lies in front of you and then there is nothing to do. Something we will do for sure, sketch maybe? so you take out your sketch book and sit with a pen in your hand and suddenly you get SMS which asks for a movie story. WOW! i wanted to make movie. Yes i always wanted to make some movies, so i used to look at world in way i would see a movie. you may call it as the result of watching too many movies. but then every day every scene had its sound effects and its own sound track.

Songs change with time, but then the thought of movie made me think of the theme which i always loved. one person listening to music, smokin up, suddenly goes into his trance mode where all his brain cells are on strike and they are enjoying their asses off. they hold a woodstock in his mind. and as the person goes and talks to others something triggers a song which is performed by the band in the woodstock in head. and then his reaction to world with loud music playing in his head.. that was movie where thinks linked to each other, like today this thought of movie came after many years linked by a msg sent to me whom i havent known for more than few weeks.. LIfe LInks... 'L'ame. 

so i sat and thought lets make a poster for this movie i started off with something in mind, Lemme remind you Photoshop is an amazing tool. one thing led to other and then other like linked again and then finally after putting effort for whole day the poster was made which is uploaded in this post. BRAINSTOCK. the logo of woodstock is used and also there is lil guitarist performing on stage which is neuron. 

That is how day went and work happened after long week of DRY PASTELS, but lets not talk of dry pastels again. so work makes me happy and it showed linkages so i can link work to happiness. LINKAGES awesome.


Smile you everything is linked to other thing try and see..