Friday, March 8, 2013

Where is all the happiness in this world? Part 2 Mumbai

Just like the bangalore experiment I today tried looking for people on street who are happy and smiling. If you haven't read the earlier part then lemme give you an idea of what experiment was in Bangalore. While travelling to office and back I would search for people who are smiling on street. And I have seen max of 2 people smiling on my way in Bangalore. Today I did the same experiment in Mumbai. Only unlike 7 KM way in Bangalore I had only 1.5 KM distance in mumbai. So my expectations were low. Within few meters I saw twice the amount of people smiling than that on Bangalore street. And in total distance I counted 26 people who were smiling on the road. In just 1.5 km there were 26 people smiling. And then I realized that the number was not 26 but 27 as I myself was smiling by the end of it. Looking at someone smile just gives you a different joy. I was happy to see that Mumbai a city of struggle people are happy. This is what I always meant that the city has its character, persona. Will try and do this again on a longer stretch of road and see again. But Mumbai beat Bangalore in this test by huge margin. Happy to be here.