Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Blog Action Day 2009

Its about making a difference. they asked me to write about how the climate change affects my blog topic. i thought ill write how my topic, say design has its effect on climate change.

now if you see around us there are 2 types of things. Natural(which are there) and Man made (which weren't there). had a controversial conversation with friend and also a philosopher Mr. George Joseph, i claimed everything that is man made is designed. he refused. Gave examples of music and art. I agreed. So in man made things apart from emotions(not all) and art etc everything is designed. now do you know what we are talking about? we are talking of design as a term in general. where everything that man makes is designed. so design has its root deep in there. So everything man has made intentionally is basically designed in certain way. I don't need to emphasize on causes of global warming and climate change. Most of us know why its happening.(if you don't know then stop reading this and go google it and then come back). so by this line everyone reading knows that man has been using resources and thereby earth losing its balance in resources and then other things adding up and finally leading to global warming and climate change. So it is blamed completely on human that we misused the resources we had. true. we did. why? because we had to. Why did we have to? as things were made which required resources and which created bi-products. who made these things? man did. so these were the second category the man made things category. hence also the design category. so you see design has to do a lot with climate change.

If only we industrial designers knew what our products are going to result in future, or if we had the vision to know what is the result of our design, would world be a different place? well now we do know what we did was wrong. but how much of effort are we putting to make a change? some people are thinking of things like green design, while for others it is just a mere topic for making fancy posters to win over other entries in a poster competition organised by a local design foundation which probably thinks green design is making your logo and poster green in color and printing it over a flex which will last on earth of years to come unable to decompose or recycle itself.

A friend doing ecology was wondering to take it as her profession. i suggest, you don't need to be an environmentalist to make a difference. you just need to make sure what you do has minimum change in nature. No its not stopping one from progress its just about changing the definition of what real progress is.

Maybe i should change the font colour to green for them to understand.

Its not just United states that's causing pollution. its everyone. Think about it and at least be guilty when adding up to it. Someday you might just stop.