Sunday, April 12, 2009

dis con nect ed

long since i wrote? it feels like that.. but then there are other things keepin me busy.

reality check anyone?
time left to jury = 1 month
time left for Form studies to get over = 5 days
time left for summer break = 1 month
time left for display and control to start = 5 days
time left to complete all backlogs = 1 month
time when all backlogs should actually get over by = 5 days
number of backlogs = dont know
what is to be shown in jury = dont know
what you learn in this sem = umm dont know?
what did you do in this sem = a lot? like lot?
how much of is it related to design = dont know not much
will you be able to complete the assignments = dont know
any thing to show in jury apart from assignments = no
who is gonna take your jury = dont know
does it matter = yes it does
what should you be doin right now = workin on forms
when are you going to start doing that = dont know
do you think you are going the right way = umm dont know
do you even care for all this = yes i do
are you sure of it = no
are you happy = yes
are you serious you happy = yes
how can you be happy with all those things = dont know i just am
so you really think you gonna complete the things before jury = well yeah thats what i do every time
so lets get to work? = no not now
how lazy are you = a lot
are you proud of this = noooo ok i dont know
why you even writing this = to keep reminding myself
you think this is gonna help = no
so you wanna stop = maybe

that smile is for you.. yes you i know you reading.. haha!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

And suddenly it was awesome to be alive.

This is the time to be happy. Yes you, both of you people who think they gonna die alone be happy, someday youll be with someone and its gonna be worth waiting. Trust me it is gonna be good. good enough to be happy now. Its awesome to be happy. suddenly you start realising so many things. people around you are annoying but you dont care. instead you freak them by doin something stupid. they complain, they talk amongst themselves and they write things to each other and you sit there and watch and then you type sms to someone you should, what a life. you get out of there go to prof. what ever he says makes sense, he shows great designers work and says we need to have identity like them through our work and you think to yourself he is not as bad as people complain, why do people complain? balls as if i care, they dont see the booty(beauty misspelled) in life. sssaloni ssseee the booty. haha.

you get out and go have ganne ka juice with dear ones and then you have more ganne ka juice, you used to love ganne ka juice earlier, dont worry youll love it more now. you talk of things and you feel good. feel good inc. you come back to go to canteen and then you see the **rathi gang there.. haha did they always eat so much and make so much noise? they probably did but now we can look out and hear more. ek rasna 8 rupiya, you gotta be kiddin me, ek wada pav dedo bhayya. and you leave with wada pav in hand which you finish by the time you reach first floor and then you decide to go to workshop.. why? just to get a glimpse of what people are doin, are they workin on model makin? you go and first person you see and you go haaaaaaaaaa, that made my day even better, anyway then you remind yourself no you cant do that, but why cant i? yes i cant.. baah.. anyway and then you get out of there as soon as possible and you reach hostel where you kill mosquitoes at rate of 2 per min. 
Oh all this time you are msging the loved ones. i guess that's the driving force that keeps you going. keeps telling you things not that bad. everything is good. and everything is happy and fun.
things happened and we met, things happened for good.