Tuesday, February 16, 2010

DDP 16/02/10 Good Design Vs. Bad Design

Everything comes back to the same place it starts. wake up to strange dreams and then make it to breakfast. First thought that comes to mind is what makes a good designer. what is a good design student and bad design student, some say really good design student. now to solve this problem there are three parts to it 1> good/bad 2> design 3> student. lets ignore the really good design student for now. We start with good or bad. what defines good or bad. It is a relative term. whats good is not bad what bad is not good, who decides whats good and bad? its for you to decide. this is in non design term. when we add the design, that's the second part of our analysis we realize that it is bit easy to classify as good and bad. the design that serves the function/sells is a good design. well design is all about identifying and solving the right problem. So ok now that we know whats good design and bad design lets take a look at the third part of the puzzle. STUDENT. What is the difference in student and learner? learner takes away valuable knowledge from whatever he can and student takes in what the teacher wants them to learn. So we were talking of design students, not design learners. what makes a good design student is something teachers would judge as they know if they were able to put the thought across or no. So lets say grades might tell you if one is a good 'student' or no. Now we know what good design students are. question is will good design students also turn out to be good designers in future? well that's for you to worry about. I will know about it when i see these students in future.

NOTE : if you have a better way to define design then please let me know through comment.