Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Face Of Cube

The Shift in identity is coming. its time to change things. The best part is we have professional graphic designers doing it for us this time. This is the sign of change where you know what you good at and what you really meant to do, and getting help for rest. This makes it easy to focus on task you want to do while others help you with things that you once did like cuboid identity. everything is changing and its changing faster than usual this time. new cuboids coming in picture, old ones are gone. new friends, new entertainers with match sticks and new backlogs. model making is done and submitted. Its happening. The shift in everything around. which will lead to change in this cuboid and some people will love it and some wont. But it just happens without warning.
Not only this but there are new INSPIRATIONS. the white board in studio says "Dragonfly missing, New Inspiration Needed." now some will understand what i want to say, rest will be baah stupid. Its not for Them its for us who knows that times are changing. Last year in design learning is not far away. Things have to change and they are changing. Priorities are changing. She called me workaholic. i couldn't stop smiling on that as that is one thing no one has ever called me. No am not a workaholic. I like to work when i work but i don't work all the time.

Adding new people to the mailing list too so they get updates and then it will help them to know whats happening in this cube shaped world of mine.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


pl -ties
1. the most important thing that must be dealt with first
2. the right to be or go before others

rest is up to you to decide for yourself. You either go back to what you were doing or you analyse and change things so as to do what you are supposed to do. The problem to your not sketching might be due to thoughts of a person sitting miles away. all you need to do is search for patterns and link them to the cause. As i said in one of the earlier posts, the well stated problem is a solution in itself. If your priority is problem analysis then coming up with solution is not that difficult. The Process is about finding the "RIGHT" problems, set them as priorities and they shall be solved.

One thing I Love about MIT Institute Of Design Where I learn design is their philosophy behind the process. "Ensure karman, Leave Phalam" "follow the process right in action, the product will evolve by itself". its only when you go to roots of this philosophy you will understand that your life can be designed though you cant define the term "design" yourself.

George is "design" solving the right problems?