Friday, June 12, 2009

Lets go back in time...

Year of 2002. first year in pune. yes it sounds like "previously on heroes" but it has to have same effect. (after all its all for those who love to read.). Well back to 2002.. just out of 10th to my uncles place in pune, got into SV union, a jr college about which no one has ever heard about.. well its a good start. if you come from diff place and you get into big shot place you take more time to get used to it.. so i dont regret SVU and its the place where i had time of my life.. next 2 years i became most of me what i am today. this is where i understood people. How to get into other people's head and look for pattern(pattern is word i learnt in design someday i shall write about its beauty). patterns reveal everything. you classify people in categories and you know your compatibility with all of them. this is where i met Sourabh. now why am i talking about him in my blog? I met him the other day.. it was random meeting, on facebook chat.. "where are you. home.. oh me too.. great we both in pune lets meet.. am leavin for banglore tomorrow.. lets meet tonight .. now.. its 9 lets meet at 10.15.. oh i mean 2215.. over and out." that's how we met..

There is no one who knows me as good as this guy. before i think of anything he would know what i could think of.. oh and its the same way for me knowing him too.. but i cant keep up with his wild imagination which i truly respect. So back to 2002, when i i met this guy. he was one i never talked to.. never even looked fwd to talk to.. and speaking the truth my first impression was really diff for him.. but then he somehow took initiative to know me.. and then i met the true him, the legend i may say..

and by 2003-04 we were like really good friends as we are even today. we re wrote the English poems in our own perverted way yet making it sound so clean. we sat in corner and entertained the class with beatboxing and making sounds of racing cars in lectures. we ate in lectures we talked in lectures and we got caught cheating in chem papers from each others, flunking him for the first time in life and someone else cause of me for first time in my life.. yes it was me copying. chemistry is not my domain. bio was, but he skipped bio and took geography. Later on he scored the highest in chemistry from our batch. i think he was one of top 3 in our class in total and i managed to just clear my math somehow.. These 2 years were the years of my thought development. I wanned to know the meaning for my life. like what i wanned to do in life.. my purpose. which never happened as when you think too much you end up knowing nothing. the more you know the more you know that less you know. is that confusing? well its a part of our(mine and sourabh's) theory of kind of people. according to us there were 4 kind of people.
1) they know that they know
2)they know that they dont know
3)they dont know that they know
4)they dont know that they dont know.

we have spent hours and hours thinking on this and trying to tell it to others. but the result was obvious we were called as freaks. we liked it, we liked bugging people with our theory. this was not the only theory we made, there were other about idiots and those who pretend to be idots, droplet theory, fag limit theory.. we both had our way of putting life in (what i learnt later) patterns. and analyse it and then implement it. this is where we realised that we talk of lot of things but we do things which we dont talk of.. we called it the human behaviour.

when i met him the other day we both got so excited about doing something, anything what so ever. we still dont know what we goin to do but we already love it as we know its gonna be us and we gonna do it. but again we talk of it. but we dont know what it is going to be so there are chances of its happening.
Day before meeting him i was involved in a 'secret' meeting (without any other option) there i was talkin to couple of guys about this 'secret' thing. and they needed my help with that. but then i kind of figured that it was mostly fake and it was put in front of me with strange seriousness. but i dont blame them, people who 'know' me would know if you want me to help say the truth i might just help. yes farid if you would have said you wanned to go pick your girl from hostel and not to go to atm to get money i might have given you my bike. but people think if its not serious issue then i might not help.. well i appreciate the truth. But then it(the 'secret') also reminded me of myself when i was looking for meaning of life.. that was the time before i wished i was dead every night. so i did not help them and tried to warn them but its not in someones hand to change others thought. They'll learn it the hard way. human mind is awesome thing. you might simplify everything in life in fraction of seconds but yet when you got to do math with numbers you suck at it. Life teaches you lessons in its own way. Two many clues to past life of same time period. what does that mean? No matter what it means it did remind me of the years when life was different and it was changing.
If i try and remember, i dont remember much about my thoughts and life before 2002. maybe i was born again in 2002. (and you dont smile tht does not make me '7' year old).

This is all about 2 years didnt even tell about how it actually changed my life, but its already too long and too late at night. so maybe some other day if it comes up.