Saturday, August 14, 2010

Keen on GREEN

When you work for weeks on green design you realize simple truth about human behavior. 
Lets start with the 'dark side' of product design. We the product designers make products so that the product sells and company you work for is happy, you are happy, clients are happy, and users are happy too. this has been going on for ever. then one fine day everyone sees that world is about to end because of stupid human behavior that we consumed all the earth's resources to manufacture those products made by designers which in few days become waste and lie in some garbage pile in some corner of world. So designers get all aware of the situation and the promote green design through some competitions and we design learners sit day and night to come up with a green product. and at the end we come up with creative ideas so people can manufacture these green products. BUT these green products are gonna be waste soon.. "wasn't the first rule of design, NOT to design if its not needed?" 

All these products designed for the sake of making things green is going to add up to the junk even more.. instead the competitions/organizations should focus on making green the way of designing. Institutions should mold the minds of learners as they proceed in design to make all there projects green and not have projects just to make green things.

A color cant save the world. cleaning up ancestor's mess so as the people who are not yet born can have a better life is not going to save this planet. Not creating new mess might slow it down. 

Write about it, spread a word, express.. 
Green is not just a color anymore, its way of thinking in no matter what you do.