Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hello World. (again)

Yes it's bout time we say hello to the world outside the Institute of Design. I can call myself a Designer now and trust me it still does not feel any different from earlier. The curiosity still remains the obsessions still remains and the cluelessness about what is design also still remains.

So what is gone? asked the part of me.

Gone are the days of staying up in studio, gone are the people, gone is the student discount. My graduation was a big thing for my parents. FINALLY they must have said in their mind trying to calculate the amount of money they can now save by not paying the huge tuition fees and the hostel fees. More than that they must be happy that now he is an individual/grown up. This did not stop a mother from calling the "grown up" by the stupid pet name she has been calling him for years. But yeah she plans the wedding already, God save the graduate.

Life is different in some way. Not too sure how. Things do seem to be different. a certain maturity in thought and also the change in language can be seen. I don't know if this is just because of the graduation or is it due to something else. But there is certain excitement, to see the world, to explore options, to prove your worth, to live up to the expectations, to be known, etc. These things have been there for ages but still never felt they would matter. There is sudden urge to perform. Which I think is really good as it drives you to the extremes and makes you test your limits. It's only when you cross your limits you will know you can do better. Acceptance of failure and using it to perform better is the new way of thinking. "Ok, I did not perform to the mark, I know that myself, I can and should perform better tomorrow" these are the thoughts while I go off to bed now. What makes us think of all this? is it the graduation? or is it the surrounding we are in? It is not just you but you need some inspiration that tells you"boss you did something, fine.. but if it was good enough then it did not communicate well, as no one is ready to accept your idea." When you take this in, absorb it in yourself, then you know how much more you need to perform.

This is the world outside the design institute. The world that makes you perform, better than you did today. At least this is the world I am in right now and am already feeling luck for it to be like this. This is the only way I can set better standards for myself. If everyone appreciates me, how will I ever grow, I'll just do what I do, I will never learn.

All I'll say to the new life is, "Hello new life, show me what I can do."