Tuesday, December 9, 2008

When i thought ill start, They stopped me.

Looking at the blog i thought it needs a good start,
reading others i felt it will never be good like others i want.

but have to start sometime so why not now? i thought it needs new graphic.
being in design "institute" teaches us to use photoshop to great extent. not limitless boundaries.. you need to explore.. that's what each assignments asks you to do. assignment? the step towards learning? or 'DE-learning' they call it here.. trust me its not easy to DE-learn. "The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education." said Albert Einstein. its way difficult to De-learn. but over the small philosophical talks alike minds says innovation is starting with nothing in mind.. Innovation? had long talks about this, few great minds say its The term innovation means a new way of doing something while other great ones wrote roshan loves pallu. no that's innovative. It really is. INNOVATION. starting a blog named as i-cuboid or reading travails of life(and finding patterns in other blogs) what is innovative? or nothing in that is innovative? innovation the word that will get you thinking and keep going through design process.

Design Process: follow the process right in action and the product will evolve by itself.

No it does not. it requires physics, engineering, CAM profiles, mathematics? well there are no such things. ITS ALL COMMON SENSE. that's what the big boy says. Big boy is cool, he knows stuff. stuff he did in his past life is so cool. i bet he can (or probably has) designed a way to change the way you think. OH! did he brainwash us? are we following him blindly? but then he knows stuff. so its cool and that is why he is cool. How 'cool'. but we all like to listen to his talks, don't we? he just left for the day. probably saw me typing and thinking i need to fix this CUBE. CUBE? that me. cuboid to be more specific coz of extra length. there are cubes, cuboids, spheres and even 2D planes here. that's what design is all about here. some cubes cracking nuts, cuboid grinding pepper, spheres(well i thought eyes are spherical, ill ask the big boy if they not) slicing eggs. Oh then there are other breed of people who are looking for design interventions by stalking people, how cool!

Well lets get back to starting. the blog needs new graphic but it can wait till new year right now i need to work. Someone sitting next to me said that. probably true, she knows stuff too, she has cool mom. But she makes me write this. Tuesdays gone, forms still to be worked on and this cuboid just saw a cuboid with fillets. ahh i like that name, cuboid with fillets a softer edge to it.
umm lets keep this blog to design.

Design(d-zn) To have as a goal or purpose; intend.