Sunday, April 12, 2009

dis con nect ed

long since i wrote? it feels like that.. but then there are other things keepin me busy.

reality check anyone?
time left to jury = 1 month
time left for Form studies to get over = 5 days
time left for summer break = 1 month
time left for display and control to start = 5 days
time left to complete all backlogs = 1 month
time when all backlogs should actually get over by = 5 days
number of backlogs = dont know
what is to be shown in jury = dont know
what you learn in this sem = umm dont know?
what did you do in this sem = a lot? like lot?
how much of is it related to design = dont know not much
will you be able to complete the assignments = dont know
any thing to show in jury apart from assignments = no
who is gonna take your jury = dont know
does it matter = yes it does
what should you be doin right now = workin on forms
when are you going to start doing that = dont know
do you think you are going the right way = umm dont know
do you even care for all this = yes i do
are you sure of it = no
are you happy = yes
are you serious you happy = yes
how can you be happy with all those things = dont know i just am
so you really think you gonna complete the things before jury = well yeah thats what i do every time
so lets get to work? = no not now
how lazy are you = a lot
are you proud of this = noooo ok i dont know
why you even writing this = to keep reminding myself
you think this is gonna help = no
so you wanna stop = maybe

that smile is for you.. yes you i know you reading.. haha!