Tuesday, June 23, 2009

You've been AOEed...

Its all coming back. Those days in school where the ultimate aim of day was to win in age of empires. Now things are better as there is no one to say enough of games now study. This is perfect time to let yourself lose and figure out strategies to win in the game.


It started with playing in standard difficulty level.
When playing in this difficulty level things are simple. you play make villagers make army and you win.

Then is Moderate difficulty level where you struggle day and night to figure out ways to stop computer from destroying your city with his never stopping army. the trick is simple.. make lot of villagers and gather lot of food, advance to feudal age in 10 mins. and next age in next 10 mins.. this way you'll be in castle age in 20 mins.. this is where you start making army.. make monastary and collect relics before the computer player does.. it helps a lot.. keep your villager count high. advance to imperial with lot of army and then researches.. make sure you do everything before computer or just in a minutes gap max. else you'll be screwed. there wont be any time to lose.. once in imperial age, gather as much and make a huge army. defend for a bit once have strong army back it up with monks and get trebs and attack.. kill villagers(other players) and then proceed.. dont forget to explore as much as you can. this will do the trick.. game shall get over in 2 to 3 hours.

Then is the hard level. what you got to do is quiet the same only thing diff is much faster. How? more villagers, fast advance to castle age with min research and then huge army, huge meaning HUGE just to defend.. make cheap pike man to defend your city.. i chose Britons so made lots of archers.. and awesome long bowman which help a lot.. once in imperial age with all basic research complete to make your archers strongest and your pike man sustainable attack! dont forget the trebs.. they very helpful against the castles and town centres. if its a sea map make a navy but later when land is dominated by you..

Hardest level, well i havent reached that yet, but will add as soon as i do..

nice game, been playing this now day and night for a week, dream of pikemans and archers in sleep. its perfectly normal. you can apply it to your life maybe by understanding how to survive in real life when every resource might be people around you or emotions. whatever it is dont forget one thing.. PLAY!