Friday, January 2, 2009

World is a cube, its melting like ice.

Sounds like a phrase for global warming. that reminds me of a poster i can make.. with those thousands of downloaded photoshop brushes. 'Life made easy'. Easy? its just a run away from things. running away from responsibilities, away from nightmares and away from hard work. Are we running away from life? But we don't know what life is, do we? definitely not.

if someone asks me about my life i ask them their definition of life so i can tell them how that part of me is like. if i ask myself how is my life i have no answers. Answers? what answers? where are the freakin questions?

'A well said problem is a solution in itself' said the big boss once. Once? again who am i fooling? he says it all the time..i am missing boss he keeps reminding me of the purpose, existence and responsibility. "Adi, this guy is irritating me" said he and i opened my eyes to my own world. who am i trying to fool here? myself? i thought. day went by and i learnt something. dedication. Dedication that shows in my work says jury. but i know its not enough. what if i dedicate myself completely to work? wonders might happen. then why don't i do that? maybe i love fooling myself. It makes my world look good to myself. Cuboid's cubic world looks as if its a nice looking cube of glass. Truth: its freaking ice cube which is melting min by min. soon its gonna be water and this cuboid will sink in it. boss was right, cuboid has dedication issues. Cuboid is just what world wants to see him like. Cuboid has none of its own dimensions. But it's time for change. Time to change the dimensions and stopping the world from melting.

'The only difference between a rut and a grave is their dimensions.'