Thursday, August 20, 2009

Randomness, result of joblessness...

"but why did you come in here then" -- Bharuch
"I Wanned to complain" -- Miki
"but i Have no money" -- Jackass
"yes you do" -- Mak
"hey jude, dont make it bad" --Mr. Bhandari
"acchha GG today at kaka's" into infinity ---][
"hu?" -- ][
"dude, you got moutheyes" ---bassist
"no you dont" --Mak
"acchhha marker se karu ya brush se" --Mallu
"no no no hold your head like this and go aaaaa" --Bharuch
"stop hitting me" --- Miki
"who wants to talk to you?" -- Bharuch

If that does not make sense then just laugh along.. as the graphic says not everything is done to make sense.. these things which wont make sense will make you laugh. Happiness lies in simple things, most of which wont even make sense.