Thursday, December 11, 2008

Glue anyone?

The shattered cuboid went to big boss and told him yes he was right when he said this cuboid is not working in the fullest efficiency. WHY? asked he. cuboid did not know what to say as he did not know what the problem is.. Cuboid said that there aren't any distractions, boss said yes he can tell if there are any he could tell if cuboid was on drugs. but he wasn't then what was wrong? WHAT? thought the cuboid while working while drinking coffee and while talking to himself. and he got the answer in himself. but he wasn't too sure if it was what he thought it is. He thought it could be the depression creeping inside of him which is making him numb. But what was the source? maybe thought the cuboid its the loneliness he had been feeling, that no fellow solids are his friends as he thinks friends should be. IS it that? he is not sure but he knows cuboids should not roll like spheres where ever there is gentle slope. they are meant to be stable. they shall be stable.
After all World is cube and this is cuboid's world.