Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Digital Painting

Wacom intuos4 + Photoshop

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Culture, People, Languages, Differences and One graphic.

Lets start with this institute called MIT Institute Of Design. no this MIT is not THAT MIT, it stands for Maharashtra Institute of Technology. so the design institute we talking about is actually Maharashtra Institute Of Technology's Institute Of Design. i still skipped the MAEEER's part as i don't know what it stands for. Anyway, I am Cuboid and I learn at MAEER's MIT Institute Of Design and this is our story.

12th July 2010 we start with our semester number 7. yes i have cleared 6 semesters earlier and now 7 looks like a big number. Yes i know for you even 5 or 3 are BIG numbers but you'll know about 7 once you are there. 4th year is last year in under graduate studies for design. After this we are supposed to be industry ready. "Industry WHO?" that's what we are right now. INDUSTRY, after a recent internship at one of the Indian consumer electronics company things have changed. Faith in institute fades as we talk but it will be fine once we start with semester. Just few things to be cleared with the professors and tell them where institute needs to improve and consider it done. That's power of private institute which has competition within circle of few kilometers of radius. But its initiative to be taken by both sides that is students and management. 
Getting back to topic. Indian Industry, India now open to globalization it is seen that most of the companies that are making business are the global brands or few Indian brands which are now global. Industries which are still surviving somehow are mostly doing something called as 'reverse engineering'. You get a product from someplace and you make replicas and sell. Even better is get Chinese products re-brand them and sell. In this kind of economy how would a student know what to focus on. As observed history plays very important role in design. Wars help in recreation and innovation. Is it time that design needs a war to make ground breaking changes in the way people think? 

In India there is no scarcity of resources or intellectual capacity, then why is it that design still remains secondary activity in Industry? Global companies which give importance to design are seen to be growing rapidly. Korean companies are competing with American giants and producing equally good cell phones. When ever you talk about this topic of Indian design people give example of the worlds cheapest car. But seriously how well is it supporting India to grow in global market? Okay now that car is made now what? do we just stop? 

When an institute says we focus on Indian market then all I ask for are people who can answer these kind of questions and guide us in Designing a better India.