Thursday, January 29, 2009

Get Busy, Get Better.

As mentioned earlier, get busy living or get busy dying. World might be a cube but its faces aren't that flat. everybody has a problem, everyone has issues, everyone is pissed, everyone is talking.

ISSUES. I have issues, you have issues, we have issues, they have issues and big daddy also has issues. yes big daddy is back and loud. So back on issues, what are these issues? mostly misunderstanding between few people. may it be protest or people sleeping in hostel, its an issue which has to be sorted in a meeting which has few hundred students and say twenty faculty members face to face. who says size matters? trust me its for movies like Godzilla, here voice matters. Person with microphone is going to win. I knew that before entering the room and saw it happen. Industrial design people have issue in paying the material charges yes me too, but then we have a point. Anyway where there is an issue there is a meeting, yes the phrases are changing, next generation is going to be awesome. evolved creatures. coming back to meetings, being in most of committees its my duty to be in most of the meeting. Yes you have to cancel your plans for all these meetings. so much for excitement to go to contraptions. tomorrow is mega structures and i doubt i can make it there. reason? yes meetings. they turning me into a businessman more than into a designer.

I need my suit...

oh submissions due on Saturday lots of them and as understood i dont think i am working on any. asking why? meetings. Everything leads to a meeting. why is my name rohan? probably was decided in a meeting. don't say i know am losing it.

One thing i like of these meetings is that they keep me busy. and more busy i am less time to think of anything else, less time to be depressed and friends think the same. Stress plays huge role in design. everyone is stressed everyone has problems, if not everyone creates problem to be busy.

I am trying to make a screwdriver to keep me busy in hostel. as i said get busy get better.