Friday, November 27, 2009

Graphic Vs Product design

"product designers can do better graphics than graphic designers" claimed one faculty.
i say no comments.

Three weeks after struggling to make some graphics on a Boeing 737, all i know is there is one thing i find very difficult in graphic design and that is making something that everyone will like. the biggest problem is generation gap and cultural block. what faculty likes you wont like. what you like, they won't like. its like ctrl + I in photoshop. yes i been using a lot of that software as thats the awesomest thing that can happen to designers. After the course my respect for graphic designers have gone up even more. Working with almost no constraints and yet creating something that will be loved by everyone, now that's a huge task. and its awesome how they do it. But what i think is graphics which work with almost everyone are usually with humor or sarcasm. something serious does not work as well as the funny one. so when you make aircraft graphics for president, people love the concept which says political waste as graphic on the aircraft but they might not like something you spent 20 hours in front of photoshop trying to get the right graphics. FACT: graphic design is not easy. the difficult part is no constraints, more freedom you have, difficult it is to get things together. where as for us in product design it is much easy to work, wanna make things move? put a hinge or pivot. its like connecting the dots. and after you are done with connecting the dots your final picture looks good, you might even get rich. but that's a rare case. we shall never get 32 lakhs per year as starting salary..

And people are still confused if i am doing graphic design or product design. :\

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