Saturday, November 14, 2009

Where will this design institute take us?

"boss this is not a college this is an institute" said the big daddy once in foundation. we wondered whats the difference? i googled. INSTITUTE is established, organized and founded. COLLEGE is A collection, body, or society of persons engaged in common pursuits, or having common duties and interests. OK so we are organised than others we are here as we have a goal in life. work keeps happening, one assignment after the other. what makes us different from any other colleges? MAEER's MIT Institute Of Design. long name. but we call it MIT design and on campus we are trouble making brats from design. trouble? we? no! we are as innocent as kids in gurukul who throw Marlboro boxes out of window of their hostel during inspections maybe. the blame comes on design. but its fine we have earned that reputation of victims. may it be walking on lawns or being teased by howling MANET guys. its all our fault. We ARE trouble makers after all. if we cant create problem then we will become the problem. and try to make sure everyone notices us. that might include going against the rules and wearing shorts to having huge afro over our head. We do it all. after all we are the trouble makers. We go out and we come late, we go for night outs without informing, we do everything we not supposed to do. including cribbing about the college, yes when we crib we call it a college, as it does not let you be like what you would be in a college. but people forget what big daddy has to say, "Boss its not a college, it's an institute for god's sake" he said it second time. he was angry this time.

So why suddenly think of where we going to end up after institute? well, 2 and half years over in this institute that's more than half the education. what i got in these years is lots, from insane ergonomic understanding to people who are scared to talk to me. friends to people who hate me. people who i spoke lots to same people i haven't spoken in days now. How do you manage this? well its a bi product of design. If you are planning to join design then one thing you should keep in mind. do not come with any expectations. designers aren't any god sent people, and neither is the brief given to us by the prof, said one of the big bosses in institute. rules are meant to be broken, said another, that is when you will innovate, said yet another, so go out and let go of yourself, said one another, look for problems and solve them said another, if you cant find problem redefine the situation, some said that. So we do that, we become the problem our self and we create problems. we break rules we innovate, we aren't god sent but we are all budding young designers who believe in one thing and one thing only innovation, we innovate we defy physics, we make things float, we break things to make new things and we do graffiti on things like aircraft for president of India. AND the best part of everything is we get grades for doing this. This is life in design institute. remember its an institute not a college. very few understand the difference. but it is important as being in college and being in an institute makes you look at everything very differently.

One prof said i should go for marketing, after reading this i think many would second that. but i wont know all this if i took my institute as college. what happens, happens for good. I shifted to design in this institute happened for good. lets hope for better after getting out of this institute.

i should have copy pasted the word institute, i would have saved time.

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