Monday, October 12, 2009

Title goes here, Gone..

This is going to be bad.
a) people are annoying.
b) everyone has things to prove.
c) They all use others.
d) Definitions are made by us to suit our mind set.
e) Definitions change from each person to person.
f) The more your definition revolves around yourself (me this me that) more annoying you get.
g) One cant look outside ones perspective.
h) some people do.. they are awesome.
i) These people are rare to find.. no am no where close to them.
j) this world rotates on axis of society. that drives the world, the motor of its rotation. fuel is everyone who is part of it.
k) why am i writing this? as i am annoyed, as i said people are annoying in point (a).

been thinking over somethings recently. something called dependency. how things are related to others.. its the symbiotic relationship between things.
i give you this you give me that. i give you comfort you give me tag as friend, i give you portfolio submission date you work for me and make your portfolio. You need a scanner, HP needs people to buy scanner. You need Photoshop to make portfolio, photoshop needs designers to work on it.

you are dependent on things.. you realize it when you lose things.. thats what i learnt long back then forgot then learnt again till i forgot again. its a cycle.. goes on.. things happen to keep you reminding what you think of things. some friends got kids to play with others got turtles to play with. you? you were left with work on your table next to a window at corridor, playing music and looking at people going away from you. you accept it. move on you say to yourself and start working. result? at least you know what work is to be done.. but then you just realize how dependent your life was getting on others.. and now you know it can be fixed. fix you, i was gonna put that song lyrics in between this post but then i refuse to. it just diverts you from what you wanna talk about. so what am i dependent on now? early morning coffee and singing same song at breakfast which will be playing in head for entire day later. Coffee keeps me going and am loyal to coffee. then am getting dependent on my laptop to do things, watch movies, listen to music etc. thanks to people a have stopped from being dependent on other habits.

Its all connected
When we are in situation we relate our self to movies. If am in a place with 7 feet tall grass around me i feel there are people with guns hiding behind it or some baby trex waiting to eat me up. we relate to movies and we need it as a part of us as if we not then they wont make movies. if they wont make movies you will never know of trex, you dont know of it and it might just be there one day to kill you. you should be prepared. hence movies prepare us for situation and we prepare situations for movies. that does make sense.. read again if it didnt.

how is this to do anything of those points? see.. people demand to know whats on your mind. they annoy you they want to know everything for sake of it or to judge you over it. there making you dependent on them and keeping the cycle moving. If you dont want to talk of something you are forced to.. why? cos i want to know as it has to do something with me. Go get a life. Everything has to do something with everyone. Why one feels they are so important that they can get away with no matter what they do. reality check, you are annoying, thats the truth, deal with it. (this might be bit personal but have to get it out.)

keep yourself out of dependencies and try to take over your own life. it will help you get you what you want from your life. and not others want. why am i giving this suggestion? as am not any different from those points i started with.

how it has to do anything with design? Design plays a big part in society. it stretches the soc to be what it is.. we product designers create products that one day you will look your workmate has and then you will want to get it. you will do things you wont do otherwise. your work mate got that product looking at someone else who had it who got it looking at a graphic in magazine made by a graphic designer who turns out to be product designers class mate who is competing with his work mates to get the best laptop his class mate product designer made.. its a cycle. its all connected. we are all dependent on something or other. Its the way society is and you have to be a part of it to know it better to create your place in it. design a product that will make difference to world they said. anything that is made does make a difference. depends on how my fellow graphic designers will put it forward.

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