Saturday, August 8, 2009

swine flu

Being suspected with Swine flu is not the best thing that can happen to you, specially when there is freshers party you wanted to go for on Saturday,also marker rendering class on Sunday and a lecture by majesty on Monday. Then you wonder how did i land up in this mess? i don't even have any fever, what is wrong with people.

It all started on Friday morning, life in design institute. early morning i got up for breakfast and a brilliant welcome by a dish called POHA. i eat with people. person in front of me having a running nose. i think i got my infection then. later i go back and i don't feel too well.. the feeling before fever. i have my med, and i work. i just ask my mom to postpone the appointment with dentist and next thing i know is that am under house arrest with mask on my face. no i haven't done the test yet. swine flu test costs 18,000 bucks. ill be getting it done if i show more/any symptoms of swine flu. but that also means i am under house arrest till Monday for sure. that means i miss all those things i wanned to attend. all those once in a lifetime opportunity. anyway freshers must be going on right now. I am here writing my blog how i missed it. hope i have something better in store. Oh and you think you are the only one to whom shit happens?