Sunday, January 11, 2009

Silence must be heard let noise be ignored.

Mornings, god i hate them. Not because its a start of new day but more coz its the time when i cant tolerate people giving me all sort of crap. It starts with heavy firing for some thing which you have nothing to do, say like if the stupid oh or in common term 'idiot' television shows a blank blue screen with text on top which reads no signal. Now what can i do about a situation like this i try and explain them. Its not me, am innocent. i didn't put off the signal. yes i try and say that. Then people cry for not helping them. i give up. CAUTION: MY TEMPER LOSING ITS BALANCE. Control i tell myself. So i make way to other room take my laptop and start it. It starts and then restarts and then shuts down. saying unexpected error. my ass. anyway it starts later. i open my mail account and people want my my laptop as they cant yet solve the television issue(not that they can do anything about it but to realize its not their problem). Then they see me working on my laptop so they them self offer to use the other laptop on the table.

The war is about to start. people with heart problems advised to leave right away.

Q: how do i start 'this thing'?

A: there must be a power button press that.

the user finds out there are two switches on the laptop and presses one to see the laptop starting. As soon as the screen shows text the user presses the same switch and claims that the laptop shut by itself (yes i saw them doin it). I say you pressed it again so it got switched off. "NO i didnt press anything" they said. Now am about to explode.

then many worse things happened which i wanned to write about but now i've calmed down and i think there is no point in thinking about the bad times and then making rest of the day bad..

Santosh, see this is where writing helps.

and so i listen to songs..

Silence must be heard -Enigma

Look into the others eyes, many frustrations

Read between the lines, no words just vibrations

Dont ignore hidden desires

Pay attention, youre playing with fire

Silence must be heard, noise should be observed

The time has come to learn, that silence ...

Silence must be heard

Or diamonds will burn, friendly cards will turn

Cause silence has the right to be heard

Thus is the morning when am supposed to be institute and working while am here miles away and writing blog to understand what went wrong. Oh they want to get me help, some pills maybe in future, who cares if that what it takes to be happy.


  1. hhhaaaaaaaaaaave yooooooooouuu paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiid foooooooooooor yoooooooouuuur laaaaaaaauuuuuuuundry?? are you fuckin mad ...??? the fuckin warden needs anti depressant pills. :D

  2. no i havent paid for it.... i think pills would be helpfull.. who knows.. lets see..

  3. You mentioned me in your blog...
    I'm honoured ;)